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We’ve been working with students from King Alfred’s Academy and asking them to write blog posts to encourage young people to visit us:

“Hello everybody, the Wantage museum is a great place to learn about history, formation of land near the white horse and so much more. It has a great recreation of old Wantage including the house of John Ormond, a Arbeys clothes shop and more, visit to find out more. You can find out so much about Wantage by reading the information on the walls or listen to the lechers to learn about “black Wantage” or the old railway station. Furthermore in the Arbeys you can open all the draws and even check out a old cash register.

That museum also had room full of cool things ranging from the WilliamsF1 car to wooden wheels and steam powered trains toys that actually move. During the Lego event that happened a few weeks ago there was a Lego Bat mobile in that room along with lots of other cool Lego creations. As it is a museum, The room contains lots of facts about how transport was made out of wood up to individual parts of a F1 car.

And if you enjoy science and wish to know certain things like “do bugs have hairs?” and “How smooth were old coins” then you could take a look at all these things using the microscope (Located upstairs). You just need to zoom in on the object you want and adjust the focus to see the picture more clearly on the screen. There are several different types of bugs and lots of old money you can check out.”

Boris, year 10 student

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