A note from the Friends of the Museum

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A note from the Friends of the Museum

A Possible Crisis for FVDM

Three years ago, it seemed that FVDM would not be able to continue because of a lack of committee members. The constitution states that the term of office is three years with the possibility of standing for one more term. In order that FVDM should continue, five of the current committee joined and so have reached the end of their term of office. Some are willing to stand again but some are not. The committee is already very small (just 6 people) with a co-opted person taking the Minutes and unless we get new people on to the committee, the Friends will cease to exist which would be a great pity. So, if you value the Friends of the Vale and Downland Museum, now is the time to step up to the plate and offer to join the committee. Please contact us if you would like more information. www.friendsofthevdm.org.uk

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