We welcome group visits and offer a range of fun and interactive educational and practical activities, introducing local geology, archaeology and history. Several of our current sessions on the Anglo Saxons, King Alfred, Romans and Local landscape/people can be used in conjunction with current Key Stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum. We can also look to  incorporate any other areas subject to availability.

Visits typically last around 2 hours. This can incorporate a practical session of an ancient craft. Should you wish your visit to  include access to the picnic area, gift shop and include a craft, just ask and we can organise this. We can also provide details of walks around the town/locality, should you wish to extend your stay.

We charge £3 per child/group attendee. No fee is charged for supervising adults/leaders.

Please book well  in advance so that we can offer you a range of practical, hands-on activities and flexible/out of hours sessions.

For further information, please ring the reception desk on 01235 771447 or email us with your requirements.

Email: [email protected]

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